Mathare Youth Talented Organization


Our current members waiting to be funded

Loyce Adhiambo: has a small kiosk where she cooks food.

  • It has been 10 years since she started her business. MYTO first lent her 3,000KSh in 2006 and then Kiva took over. She is currently waiting on a 10,000KSh loan to buy more stock and expand her business.

When her business was struggling, MYTO was here to help her get back on her feet.

Loyce come from a village in Kisumu County. She has been living in her home in Mathare for more than 20 years. Her husband passed away a few years ago. She takes care of 13 children (she is posing with her last born on the picture). One of her kids finished class 8 but she is not able to support him going to secondary school. 

Benta Adhiambo Lwal: director of a tailoring shop and also trains 5 students

  • Benta learnt the job in Jericho Market. She started her business in 2000, which went well. She started teaching after 3 years, and some of her students opened their own business while some others got employed. She applied for a first 10,000KSh loan to buy more material. In the future she would like to buy an embroidery machine to add even more diversity to her creations.
Benta has 3 children, and her business allows her to pay rent, food, and tuition fees.

She was badly affected by the post election violence in 2007: her shop burnt and her material was stolen, after which she was unemployed for a year. She then joined a group called 'Kenyan Women' that was making small loans and helping out businesses, and this is how she started her current business. The group was dismantled some time later. 

Carol Ombewa: director of Faith New Dawn Academy

  • Faith Newdawn is an informal school in Mathare that opened 2 years ago. It welcomes around 170 children, aged between 3 and 13, for only 3 teachers taking care of them. Carol applied for a 10,000KSh loan so that she can buy teaching and learning material, such as books, tables and chairs. She also wants to hire some teachers. She will repay the loan through collection of school fees. 

Carol grew up in Dandora, and lost her husband in 2003. She has two kids who will be in classes 7 and 8 next year. Her dream is to be able to educate her kids and live a better life. She is also an active member of MYTO and is part of the Miss Kogalo organising team.

Anastacia Oduor: sells water but wants to start a clothes business

  • Anastacia buys concession from the city to sell water to Mathare residents. However, there are more and more taps around, which negatively impacts her business. She wants to start selling clothes, new clothes that she will go buy at the Ugandan border.
Anastacia comes from Siaya County and moved to Nairobi in 1988. She started in the clothes business but when it did not work well she switched to selling water. She has five kids and is a guardian to four orphans. They all go to school but she is struggling to afford the fees.

She is hoping for a brighter future, and nourishes her dream of having a home in the rural area. 

Sprina Atieno: sells fish monger, raw or fried

  • Sprina comes from Migori County. She has been living in Mathare since 2005. She came back to her home to look for a job but could not find one so she decided to start a small business. She has submitted her first application for a 10,000KSh to get more stock.
Sprina has four children, two boys and two girls, and lost her husband a few years ago. Her children all go to school. If all goes well she wishes to buy land in the rural area and build herself a house. 

Alice Awino Ouma: sells fish monger

  • Alice is currently struggling because the season is dry and she cannot buy as much fish as she would like, which causes her financial problems. She has been in the fish selling business for 10 years now. She applied for a 10,000KSh loan to add more stock.
Alice grew up in the rural area, in Siaya County, in a village called Gem Yala. She came here in 2002 to look for a job, after her husband died. She has a son and is a guardian for two other children. 

She wishes to have a decent house and her living conditions to improve.

Philgona Akinya Okore: carpenter

  • Philgona was born in 1973 in Suba District, Homabay County. She came to Mathare in 1991 to look for a job and earn a good living. Her husband died in 2001, so she takes care of her five children and 2 other kids on her own. 
She started carpentry in 2005. Before she was a singer in a local band, but she could not find support or producers so the band did not continue. She joined other bands but the pay was never high enough to support her family. She then joined a friend who was a carpenter and who trained her, so after gaining some skills she opened her own business. She produces furniture: seats, coffee tables, beds... It has a lot of potential but she needs more capital.

It is the first time she applies for a loan, with which she will rent a proper store to work and materials such as wood, tools and machineries. 

Philgona would like her children to be fully educated and be able to decently pay her employees, so that they can support their families. She would also like a bigger house. 

She wants to use her talent in music to better her life, so she is still hoping to get produced. She writes her own songs and is very talented. 

Eurice Akinyi: sells rice, chapati, beans and maize

Caroline Ngesa: sells food on the street

Jennifer Wanjiku: sells fruits

Jakeline Akinyi: sells fish, fruits and vegetables

Monica Mugah: sells clothes