Mathare Youth Talented Organization


Make a donation

If you believe in the job we are doing, want to support our efforts and projects, know that your money will directly go to those who need it and make a real difference, you make a direct donation to MYTO.

We are currently in the process of getting a PayPal account to manage donation. In the meantime you can contact Ben Ochieng:

What we need funds for

We are currently raising funds to buy more desks for the school: one desk that can sit two pupils costs 28USD. At the moment they sometimes have 5 students sitting on one desk, and some of them have to sit on desks that are too small for them. We are also lacking some small chairs for the younger ones.

We are also looking for regular funding to be able to pay our teachers. They all work on a voluntary basis and struggle financially, despite the amazing efforts they are putting in the school. To keep on fostering quality education, we feel that they should be rewarded. 

We would also like to provide some breakfast at school, as many children come in the morning with an empty stomach, which impacts their learning capabilities. 

MYTO would also welcome material donations, such as toys for the children. Moreover, MYTO members and students of the school would like develop some IT skills and as such is seeking to acquire used computers or laptops.

Donations could also help our projects in Migori: buy books, desks and other learning materials, pay the teachers, start a feeding program (currently children go back home during the break or carry their food).

Projects MYTO and partners in Mathare would like to start

Because needs are endless and there is always something else that can be done, there are a few projects that we could start with a little (or big) help from the outside.

The first one is starting a secondary school. Primary schools are many in Mathare but secondary schools are few, and the few of them are very expensive. We would like to be able to start a high school with very reasonable fees, as we know it would attract a lot of students in the area. We would need around 400USD approximately to get started, then the project could run by itself, as the school would be funded by the school fees.

Another project that is greatly needed would be a care program or school for children with disabilities. There are many kids around who are deaf and mute, or blind, or mentally disabled, and there is absolutely no place for them to be cared for properly. Moreover, them and their parents usually suffer a lot of stigma from other people. Donations could help us rent a room to take care of them during the day and help teachers or community workers get training for this job. 

Finally, on a lighter note, we would like to be able to open a recording studio. Mathare is full of talents that go unnoticed because of a lack of resources and exposure. Having a studio here and be able to produce local artists would be a way to promote talents, confidence and community empowerment.