Mathare Youth Talented Organization


Getontira Medical Centre 

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This centre was started in 1991 by Dr John and Joshua Nyironge, as a really small clinic helping people around. The need was huge as many people were struggling to reach Migori, where the closest hospital is. It can be an expensive ride and the road is often rough, making it impossible to travel if in a serious condition or very delicate in case of emergency. The medical centre started very small but facing very big needs, they were pushed to expand and add some beds. Now Getontira is a proper nursing home with a capacity of 20 beds. Joshua works in the lab, which tests people for many things including malaria, typhoid, brusellosis, VDRL, HIV... 

The hospital is a success but is still facing some challenges. First they lack some equipment such as x-ray machine and ultrasound. They are also missing a dental unit. They sometimes have to refer people to Migori or Kisii but the transport to get there is a challenge. Also the rooms and beds are not enough, a bigger capacity would be welcome. Regarding the lab, some tests cannot be done, they would like to expand what they can diagnose and treat people. Finally, they would like to add a pharmacy to the centre, to make it easier for the patients and add some income to the hospital.

Getontira managed to grow with the help of some well-wishers who believed in the project, some are still supporting but most of the funding comes from what the patients pay. Fees are pretty cheap, so paying the staff is a challenge sometimes, and some people don't understand that the purpose of this place is to help people and not to make money. 

Short term goals this centre has: acquire machineries such as x-ray machine, ultrasound and full haemogram, also add more beds, expand the place to accommodate more patients, acquire some drugs to deliver directly to the patients, and finally have an ambulance, to be able to answer emergencies. A long term objective is to have branches in other towns and villages.