Mathare Youth Talented Organization


Jewelry Making


MYTO members also make jewelry which they eventually hope to sell. Information about how to purchase this jewelry will be posted on the website as soon as a payment system is determined. MYTO members use bones to create the jewelry. The bones are first boiled to clean them. Then they are ground into different shapes and drilled to create holes for threading. Finally, the pieces are dyed and assembled. The jewelry the group can make is not limited to the pieces shown here.

All photos were taken by Jeannette Aldridge, 2011.


 Mary Awino,boiling the bones to clean them.

 Jenife Mungu, grinding the bones and reshaping them.




Jenife Mungu with completed necklace.



 ALSO: The Mathare Ladies Empowerment Association (MLEA) 

 “If you are one, you are overcome.

If you are united, you can stand up to the community.”

                                                                                                                         --founder Beatrice Achieng


 MLEA members (from right to left): Milcent Akinyi, Esther Odhiambo, Beatrice Achieng

   Group profile

o   MLEA was started in the summer of 2009 by Beatrice Achieng and five other women. Ben Ochieng from MYTO helped them organize and start the group.

o   Their goal is to empower the women of Mathare. They want to empower women who did not get the chance to go to school because they were unable to pay the school fees. They want to figure out what skills/abilities they have and enhance them so they can find employment.

o   Currently has 20 members.

o   MLEA meets on Saturdays at 4pm.

Future Goals

o   Educating women on their rights

o   Changing the perception that women are not equal to men

o   Empowering women to speak for themselves

o   Providing a safe place for women who are pregnant out of wedlock

o   Changing people’s ideas that women can’t be leaders

o   Providing a safe place for female orphans

o   Sharing ideas and teaching each other employable skills and trades

o   Helping widows retain their property rights