Mathare Youth Talented Organization


Our projects in Migori County

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Founder and director or MYTO Ben Ochieng was born and raised in a small village between Migori and Bondo-Nyironge. He moved to Nairobi when he finished high school because there was no job opportunities in the area, but always had this desire to find ways to develop his community. Schools, hospitals and other services are rare, children usually walk extremely long distances to go to school (when they go) and there is only one government hospital in the whole county. 

With the help of family members and members of the community, the church was built four years ago, which is since this year a school during the week, welcoming pupils from baby class up to class 3. We are currently trying to raise funds to build a proper school, which would be able to welcome students up to class 8 and function well enough to pay the teachers. Discover the initiative here.

Ben's uncle Joshua Nyironge, with Dr John, started a small clinic in Sirare (a town at the Tanzanian border) in 1991. Since then it has now grown and is now a nursing home with 20 beds, employing 10 doctors and nurses. Learn more about the centre here. 

The lack of services in the rural area has a very negative impact, making it often impossible for some to reach a hospital or a school, because of the distance or the lack of funds. We feel those kind of initiatives are vital and should be many, as it follows the strong belief that people in the rural area should develop their community instead of moving to the city, where life is sometimes even harder.