Mathare Youth Talented Organization


MYTO Music

MYTO Music is a group of musicians, singers,songwriters, and dancers from Mathare headed by Olik Lobedus. They play traditional Kenyan instruments, mostly originating from western Kenya. They also sing and write their own songs, which often are about issues in the community, such as domestic violence and women's rights. 

Above: MYTO Music founder Olik Lobedus playing the Urutu.



Music has always been a central activity in MYTO. In one of MYTO's very first activities, MYTO founder Ben Ochieng taught local orphans how to sing because they were not attending school. From this, MYTO schools emerged, as well as the MYTO music group.


 In addition, MYTO Music includes traditional Kenyan dancers, who dance at public performances. MYTO Music performs at local events in Mathare as well as development workshops and conferences in Nairobi. 


 MYTO musicians at a public performance

Above, from right to left: Olik Lobedus, Dan Owiti, Reagan Andati



 Above. Musicians: Olik Lobedus, Dan Owiti, Reagan Andati, Washington Omondi, Ben Ochieng. Dancers: Winnie Akinyi, Pauline Adhiambo,