Mathare Youth Talented Organization


MYTO Theatre



 Rehearsing a play.From left to right: Dan Owiti, Esther Odhiambo, Merab Joyce, Salome Achieng

 MYTO started doing theatrical work with youth starting around 2006. The theatre group was started by Dan Owiti. One of their first big projects was in 2008. They produced a play about malaria prevention, commissioned by a local health minister. MYTO Theatre joined several other theatre groups in Mathare and put on a festival of plays about malaria prevention. After the festival, the group traveled around Nairobi in van, doing the play in different communities on the streets, with the aid of loud speakers. 

 In July 2009, MYTO particpated in a four-day Theatre for Development (TFD) workshop, facilitated by Kendle Wade from the University of Colorado. After the workshop, the group collectively wrote a play and rehearsed it for three days. On August 1st, MYTO organized a theatre festival in Mathare and invited performers from all over Nairobi to perform for the community. At the end, the MYTO performers presented their play, which was about poverty and HIV/AIDS. The audience was around 300-400 people. 

 After the theatre festival in Nairobi, the group traveled to the Nyanza province in western Kenya, where Esther Odhiambo, Ben Ochieng, and Dan Owiti facilitated a two-day TFD workshop with a branch of MYTO in Segeru, a small village near the Tanzanian border. After the two-day workshop, the participants self organized, wrote, and performed their own play before an audience of around 200 in a nearby village. 

 Future Goals:

  • Facilitating more TFD workshops in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
  • Doing a traveling theatre performance in Kenya
  • Producing more theatre festivals in Nairobi
  • Recording original plays onto DVD for sale
  • Performing plays in local schools and churches
Members of MYTO Theatre, August 2009